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Buying a house & Insurance

What you need to know about insurance when buying a house! You will likely need life insurance to cover the property bond. This policy should include: Life cover Accelerated lump sum disability The bank will try [...]

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Retirement Annuity Benefits

Financial planning is crucial for retirement, it will influence and define your standard of living and financial freedom in your retirement years. You can expect the following benefits when starting a retirement annuity plan:     [...]

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Changing your Job?

Use this handy Financial Planning checklist! Accept new job offer. Request Pension/Provident fund statement from HR Request transfer option forms Accept you need professional help Find a Certified Financial Planning Professional® to assist you Transfer [...]

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Do you need Income Protection?

What is your biggest asset? Your car? Your house? If you guessed correctly not one of these two is your biggest asset.  Your biggest asset is your ability to earn an income.  A 35 year [...]

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Why the need for a financial planning blog?

I feel there are not enough go to sources for clients to get information about financial planning services and products,   without having to deal with someone trying to sell them something. Financial planning can be [...]

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The value of financial planning

What would you do to create an extra 1.8% return in your investment portfolio? Well, according to recent research by Morningstar, receiving some quality Financial Planning advice ought to do it. Until now the value [...]

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